Coffee Dating Ireland

Let us arrange a coffee date for you

Coffee Dating Ireland

Let us arrange a coffee date for you

About Us

Coffee Dating Ireland is a modern day approach to dating. It’s for the busy individual who is serious about finding a companion over coffee (or tea!). It’s for the individual who prioritises face-to-face chemistry rather than online chatting.

The idea of Coffee Dating Ireland came from a number of people who said they were sick of online dating. We also listened to people tell us they were not comfortable going on a full-on dinner date with a stranger and would rather a more informal setting for their first date, so Coffee Dating Ireland was born.

Benefits of Coffee Dating:

*It’s affordable.
*It can happen during the day.
*It takes place in a public safe busy environment.
*It’s casual so no big effort is required like a dinner date.
*It can be as short or as long as you need.
*The caffeine in coffee or tea is a natural mood enhancer, ensuring you are fuelled up and in form for a chat.
*There is no alcohol involved.

Psychologists state that two very important things need to happen on a first initial date.

1. Chemistry- There needs to be some kind of chemistry between both parties at their initial meeting. It doesn’t have to be fireworks but some sort of attraction is helpful.
2. Good communication- Both parties need to feel listened to and given the chance to communicate openly, and without judgement.

Coffee Dating Ireland does the work for you. Based on the questionnaire you fill out at sign up we will match you with a member of Coffee Dating Ireland that we feel you will be compatible with. Once we have chosen your coffee date, we will check availability with both parties and arrange your coffee, it’s that simple! We usually try to arrange your coffee at weekends but there are exceptions to this if needs be. You may be asked to travel up to 60 minutes for your coffee date because this gives you more options of potential dates. Exceptions will be made for those who don’t drive.

Length of coffee date

It is entirely up to you both how long the coffee should be but it is recommended by psychologists, to gauge chemistry between two parties, that a coffee date should be no less than 30 minutes but can be as long as both of you want.

Interested parties must be 25 years and older to join Coffee Dating Ireland. 


Step 1- You must pass our pre-requisite conditions (see sign up link) to move to the second step. These are put in place to ensure we can deliver the best possible service to all our members from day one. It also opens up the pool of potential coffee matches you will have if you are willing to work with us on this.

Step 2- Once you pass step one you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out. Please return this at your earliest convenience with required images and identification. Based on this, we will have a look through our database to see who would be a good fit for your first coffee date and we will take it from there.

Step 3- Once we have a coffee date for you, your membership will begin for a 6-month or 12-month period. At this point you will be required to pay the joining fee (see cost section).

We require all our members to trust the process of face to face chemistry and be open minded about it all.

How it works:

You will become a member of Coffee Dating Ireland for 6 or 12 months from the date you are sent your first coffee match. Once you pay your initial joining fee, you’ll be required to let us know about your upcoming availability (usually for about a month). We will then organise a suitable time, date and location for your first coffee (or tea)! Please note you may be asked to travel up to an hour for your coffee date. (exceptions will be made for those how don’t drive).
We only provide you with the name of the person and the location. We DO NOT provide you with contact details BEFORE or AFTER the date. It is entirely up to you both if you wish to swap contact information at the end of your coffee date.

Things to Know

*Your contract is for 6 or 12 months starting the day you sign up. Should you wish to sign up for another 6 months you will be given a discount.

*Should you meet your “perfect date” within the 6 or 12 months please note you will not be offered a refund of any balance.

*You will be guaranteed an offer of 4 dates (6 month membership) or 8 dates (12-month membership) but we hope to send you on more than this. (If you don’t receive your dates promised in this timeframe your contract will be extended).

*You are a member of Coffee Dating Ireland because you passed our initial pre-requisite conditions. These conditions stand throughout your membership and we will not accept any amendments to these.

How many dates do I get?

It is our hope to offer you as many dates as possible in the 6 or 12 months your membership is active. You will be guaranteed an offer of 4 or 8 dates but we endeavour to give you more.

Please note, it is up to you if you accept the dates or not but we do hope that all members will have an OPEN MIND when going on a date and allow us to try and find you a suitable match.

Once we offer you a date it’s considered one of your guaranteed dates.


We ask that all members of Coffee Dating Ireland practice safety first. Although we have asked members if they have any criminal record and proof of identification, they are not garda vetted so we would ask all members to err on the side of caution by not going anywhere alone with the person. Coffee Dating Ireland cannot take any responsibility for actions that occur during a coffee meeting or after the fact.

The Date

-Once matched up, both parties will receive an email seeking their availability for the next few weeks (usually weekends). Once we align dates that suit both parties, an email will go out with details of your coffee date: it will include time, date and location.

-We ask that both parties respect the time set aside by the other person to make the date and show up on time, as agreed. Please note that if there is an emergency and you need to cancel you MUST email our offices at your earliest convenience so we can inform the other party. As we often ask people to travel up to 60-minutes for a coffee, we need to give people time change their plans, if necessary.

-We do frown upon last minute cancellations (and arranged coffee date will be included as one of your guaranteed dates) but we also realise life gets in the way and emergencies do happen. If this is the case, we also ask the other party to understand this.


Location of date

We ask you both to meet in a busy coffee shop (Costa for example) in a town or city. Please note that coffee shops in towns usually close by 5pm but are open much later in cities. We try to arrange most coffee dates during the weekend but exceptions will be made for those who are not available at weekends.

Please note Coffee Dating Ireland does NOT pay for the coffee. It is the responsibility of the daters to pay for any food or beverages consumed.

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