Terms & Conditions

Full payment is due upon sign up.

*Your membership is for 6 months starting the day you sign up. No refunds are available.

*You will be guaranteed at least 4 dates but we hope to send you on more than this. (If you don’t receive your 4 dates in the 6 months your membership will be extended).

*Should you meet your “perfect date” within the 6 months please note you will not be offered a refund of any balance.

*You must be 25 years and older to join Coffee Dating Ireland.

*Although your first date might go very well and you might decide to give this person a chance, we will still offer you dates for the duration of the 6 months OR UNTIL YOU TELL US TO REMOVE YOU FROM THE DATE LIST. You can come back at any point in the 6 months.

*We will base your date on the days and times you’ve given Coffee Dating Ireland regarding your availability.

*Should you refuse a date this will still be counted as one of your offers (exceptions will be made here for work, sickness, being abroad etc).

*Both parties are responsible for paying for their coffees (and anything else purchased) Coffee Dating Ireland DOES not pay for anything on your date.

Contact Us

  • Info@coffeedatingireland.ie
  • (01) 574 7884‬
  • CRO 694777
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